Dubai Chinese Learning Center (Dubai CLC) vision and goals are emphasized upon the infusion of Chinese language, culture, social and ethnic learning. How time flies! It has been 8 years since its inception in January 2007. Enrollees grow at large catering to Chinese and Non - Chinese students which is classified into two different sections as specified below.  In fact, to prove the effectiveness of the center, several media such as Gulf news, Xpress, Dubai 1 TV, City 7 TV and Thomson Reuters Middle East witnessed and interviewed the teachers, staff and children. Our CLC students are mostly from nearby International schools, such us Wellington International School, Dubai American Academy, Emirates International School (Meadow and Jumeirah), Jess, Dess, Jumeirah Primary School, Regent International School, Jumeirah Primary School, Dubai British School, Dubai French School and Raffles International School.

We are offering the following Classes

  • Children Chinese Class

Monday Class  3:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Saturday Class  10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Venue: Dubai International Academy (DIA)
Tuition Fees: AED 1,800 per term*
(* Including 17-18sessions of 2 hours each, comprising a total of 34-36 hours)

  • Private Class

Time and Venue: Flexible
Tuition: AED 3,000 per person for 20 hours, 10 sessions
AED 2,000 per person for 20 hours, 10 sessions(2 persons)
AED 1,800 per person for 20 hours, 10 sessions (3 ~ 5 persons together)

  • Adult Chinese Class

Saturday Class  10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Venue: Dubai International Academy (DIA)
Tuition Fees: AED 1,500 per term*
(* Including 10 sessions of 2 hours each comprising a total of 20 hours)

  • Online Training

Duration: 30 minutes per session
(Supplementary program for students who are 10+ years old and can use Skype to communicate with our support team in    Beijing. Included in classes and free of charge)

South-East Asian and Hongkong  
Time: Saturday afternoon 3-5pm      
Duration: 2 hours*
Tuition Fees: AED 1800/term, for 17-18 sessions




On 2nd of May 2015, CLC has set up Chinese class specifically designed for children from Singapore, Malaysia and many other South East Asian countries. The lessons in this class are be-spoke and catering to this specific group of children, these children have exceptional advantages in spoken Mandarin and well orientated in Chinese culture. We adapted Singaporean Chinese teaching curriculum and textbooks, as it is widely acceptable and held in high regard by many other counties in the same region, our main focus is on the area that needs more attention, like reading and writing. The teacher we assigned to lead this class is highly qualified and experienced teacher, well orientated in South-East Asian countries' Chinese teaching to children, having had experience in this specific field for quite a few years. Our ultimate purpose is to create a perfect Chinese learning environment for this unique group of children.

In April 2015, more adults have joined Chinese Learning Centre’s class in Dubai International Academy. Chinese learning centre has always been offering lessons to adults for either daily communications or business purposes. We are aiming or have adults’ classes 4 times a year, to make sure any adults who wish to learn Chinese with us would find a class to join anytime of the year.

CLC has successfully hosted the Celebration of the International Children's Day (1st June, every year) in Dubai International Academy at the end of May in 2015.
During the event, parents and children proudly showcased their hometowns, introducing provincial scenic spots and historical sites, local conditions and customs, to achieve further understanding of our motherland, to enhance the children's sense of belonging.
There were many excellent traditional Chinese performances too, such as ethnic dances, kongfu show and so on. There were so much delicious Chinese local delicacies to satisfy everyone’s taste buds as well.
The whole morning’s display of Chinese culture has opened everyone’s eyes to the rich heritage of China. Young children have had tons of fun and culture orientation. It was such a great event, that  gulf news and Dubai Chinese People newspaper have reported our success.

DIA Mother-Tongue Chinese Class Has Taken Off.

Chinese class was open to all DIA students as an elective course on 5th March. This subject was taught by senior teachers from CLC. It is also our responsibility and obligation to spread Chinese culture to the world and to let the world know China better.

Embarking on Business Chinese Language Training
Dubai business enterprises seek professional Chinese language training from Dubai Chinese Learning Centre. For instance, we are in the process of establishing cooperate Chinese language training program for Hisense Dubai.

CLC Students Takes Up HSK Challenge
Chinese Learning Centre encourages our students to take up challenges like HSK test. We assist our students in the process of enrolment as well as preparing them for the tests. The HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. It assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives.

Chinese Culture and Etiquette Presentation for China Construction Middle East
Recently, An intriguing presentation of Chinese culture was given to the foreign employees in China Construction Middle East Co.Ltd  by Dubai Chinese Learning Center. It was a complete success with great feedback.
Ms. Qu, the teacher of CLC presented the foreign employees in China Construction Middle East Co. Ltd every aspect of Chinese culture with a wonderful PPT and descriptive language. The workshop of Chinese Business Etiquette was the highlight, it was full of interactions, which had brought more than 20 participants together in a very friendly atmosphere. They all expressed that they had benefited a lot from it and showed strong interest in learning Chinese language.



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