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Dubai Chinese Learning Center (CLC) established on January 15th, 2007  is now powered by Chinese Language Institute(CLI) which offers Chinese as a Foreign Language(CaFL), Chinese Mother Tongue(MT), Chinese for Singapore and Malaysia.

CLI is also the official HSK, HSKK, BCT and YCT Examination/Testing Centre.

HSK, (short for Hanyu ShuiPing Kaoshi) is the exclusive official Chinese level test in China that is recognised internationally. We have in-cooperated the standard HSK Chinese level test papers in our assessment method, throughout the whole academic year, our students are tested and assessed with the standard HSK mock test papers. If your children stay with our curriculum and excel in their Chinese learning with us, they would be able to take up any of the exams like HSK, GCSE Chinese, AP Chinese, IB Chinese or Chinese for French Baccalauréat to prove to the world that they have mastered the beautiful language of the Orient.

The head of our CLI, Ms Lucy Chuang has been the jury of the Chinese level test in French Baccalauréat in UAE for the last few years. We have the full credential to make sure the students reach their full potential in the Chinese learning, and ultimately show case their achievement by successfully sailing through their desired exams.

Last year, having secured solid partnership with the Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, we have gained more access to the mature and professional teacher training to improve ourselves and enhance our teaching all the time, so that we can always keep up with the high standard of education of the international schools if not a step ahead of it. Our cherished partner could also provide us with the most adequate and up-to-date teaching material and the expertise of the master degree graduates from the University.

With the strong support from our partner: Department of Teaching Chinese as the foreign Language, Capital Normal Universe, Beijing, China, we are confident that our students will flourish and excel.

Language instruction is the main mission of CLI. Through hierarchical pedagogy, we ensure our students learn and retain their Chinese skills with a supportive team environment. We have courses designed for groups of beginning, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Everyone will find a suitable course in CLI.

Our teachers’ enthusiasm combined with an organized teaching plan and proper supervision play an important role in the quality of your outcome. In addition, there is an online support team in Beijing enhancing your classroom lessons. The method has proven to be the most efficient and effective way of learning Chinese.

At CLI, you will learn Chinese language and experience traditional Chinese culture. We randomly organize extracurricular activities providing students with special opportunities to glimpse Chinese traditional festivals, history and culture of the ancient nation.

With increasing demand there must be an increasing supply. CLI has provided the most suitable solution and is gaining the attention of the local community and all the media. The public recognition and media coverage have solidified CLI as a quality learning institution, showcasing Chinese language and culture to people around the world.

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