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Founder's Message

I am a Chinese native who has been living abroad for the past 20+ years. I have lived in six countries including Europe and North America, having finally settled in Dubai in 2006. My heart will always belong to my hometown of Beijing, China, but it is my passion to share this love of China with the rest of the world, and especially Dubai.

I believe enthusiasm, motivation, organization, responsibility and hard work play key roles in producing high quality work. Throughout all my university studies in both China and Sweden, I found these qualities to be a common theme defining success. It is also what I experienced in my many careers like working as a University Instructor in China, and as a Market Operation Planner at Ericsson headquarters in Sweden and England.

I want all CLI students to feel successful and explore China through language and culture instruction with our professional team. It is an enjoyable journey, rich in history and maturing each year.

Lucy Chuang
Founder & Head of CLI

About Chinese Language Institute

Dubai Chinese Language Institute’s (Dubai CLI) vision and goals are emphasized upon the infusion of the Chinese language, culture, social and ethnic learning into the Middle Eastern society and the international diaspora at large. It has been over 10 years since CLI’s inception in January 2007. The number of students enrolling in CLI is increasing as we cater to native and non-native Chinese speakers from different parts of the world. Several media such as Gulf news, Xpress, Dubai 1 TV, City 7 TV and Thomson Reuters Middle East have witnessed CLI’s achievement. Our alumnus include students from international schools in Dubai, members of the royal family of the UAE, employees of corporate offices like Emaar- one of the biggest companies dealing with properties in the UAE, members of the Youth Ambassadors Program (YAP), and members of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

Formerly powered by Global Sino, CLI has been actively involved in many events and activities in Dubai, including the 2014 Chinese New Year celebration Gala at the Burj Khalifa Armani Hotel, 2015 Dubai International Film Festival and the Festival of Literature.

Recently we have opened doors to Chinese Level Exams like HSK, GCSE, IB, AP and FB.

Founder and head of CLI, Ms. Lucy Chuang, has been the jury of the Chinese level test in French Baccalauréat in UAE for the last few years.

After having secured a solid partnership with Beijing’s Capital Normal University, we have gained more access to mature and professional teacher’s training, that will help us to constantly improve ourselves and our teaching.

Language training is the main mission of CLI. Through hierarchical pedagogy, we ensure our students learn and retain their Chinese skills with a supportive team environment. We have courses in these following levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. With our proper assessment and guidance the student can start their Chinese language class with us in their in their specific level.

At CLI, you will not only learn Chinese language inside the classroom, you will also get to experience traditional Chinese culture. We randomly organize extracurricular activities providing students with special opportunities to get a glimpse of traditional Chinese festivals, history and culture of the ancient nation.

With increasing demand for the Chinese Language Program, CLI is here to provide the best curated programs for each and every student. Due to CLI’s commitment to excellence we have received recognitions and wide media coverage that has proved that CLI is a quality learning institution, showcasing Chinese language and culture to people around the world.