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Children class location

Adults class location


Adults Mandarin Class

Venue 1: The 19th floor, the H hotel office tower
Time: Flexible, usually weekday 5:30pm~10:00pm, Sat 4:30am~10:00pm

Venue 2: *Dubai International Academy (DIA)
Time: Saturday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

* : We encourage parents of our students who are from children group class to take part in the Chinese learning at the same time with their children


Regular Group

We will provide the teaching plan according to student’s requirement. In general, this course is to teach standard Chinese (PuTong Hua or Mandarin) to adult students who have little or no background in Chinese.

This class focuses on a more direct approach with the instruction occurring within small, select groups of only 3 – 5 students. Depending on social ability and Chinese level, the teacher prepares individualized teaching plans ideal for each student. This greatly improves the teaching and learning efficiency, while broadening the quality of communication in such a small group setting.

Phase 1:

The aim is to develop learner's ability to use phonetics in the Chinese Language (Hanyu Pinyin) accurately and for learners to be confident in basic social conversation. There are numerous real-life scenario dialogues being practiced during the class. After finishing this phase, students will be able to make some basic dialogue in Chinese, exchange daily greetings, and ask simple questions in Chinese.

Phase 2:

The purpose of this phase is to improve student’s ability in everyday Chinese dialogue and speaking Chinese. Apart from reviewing and improving what has been covered in phase 1, some traditional Chinese culture will be introduced during the class.

Phase 3:

This phase trains students to develop their communication skills both in spoken and listening forms in order to conduct business in a Chinese Language environment. The emphasis is placed on the usage of business terms in modern Chinese and on language proficiency in a business context as well as on business related social - cultural awareness.


3+1 Chinese Program

This class involves 3-month study (3 lessons per week, a total of 70 hours) in Chinese Language Institute in Dubai, and 1-month study (4 hours a day, a total of 80 hours) in Beijing University of Language in Beijing, China.

Towards the end, students will get official certificate from Beijing University of Language and Culture, networking with local business group, and sight-seeing of the world’s famous Chinese cultural and natural heritages, together with a very good satisfaction of the taste buds from the best and authentic Chinese foods that will add more excitement to the stay.


Business Practical Course

This course focuses on business conversation in both the oral and written forms. The key is within its practicality. Students learn Chinese in a virtually realistic environment, benefiting them for enhanced situations that follow. Learning topics are adjusted accordingly around daily business socializations.

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